4D Custom Development

Mehdiward has been developing bespoke 4D applications since 1987. We employ the largest team of 4D developers and specialists in the UK.

Our staff are highly trained and our development methodology ensures that we deliver highly reliable 4D applications on time and within budget for Macintosh, Windows and web platforms.

New application development

Mehdiward develops high quality turnkey solutions which integrate with other business applications and can be extended throughout their working life. Our 4D custom applications deliver unique capabilities which generally cannot be satisfied by off-the-shelf software.

Mehdiward’s extensive software library of tried and tested routines enables us to improve the reliability of new applications and reduce development cycles. It allows us to develop reliable custom business software more quickly and at lower costs.

Upgrading 4D applications

Mehdiward offers a full application upgrade service for 4D v11 SQL and 4D 2004. As part of an upgrade package we can:

  • Redesign and modernise interfaces
  • Improve search speeds and make other performance enhancements
  • Improve the usability and efficiency of applications
  • Speed up data input times and improve data validation
  • Implement multi-processing to allow users to have several records open at the same time and eliminate application performance bottlenecks
  • Improve reporting

We can also add new features to applications, add a web browser interface and connectivity to your other important business applications.

Converting applications into 4D

Mehdiward can convert applications written with other development tools into 4D. Typical scenarios might be converting a single platform application to a cross-platform 4D application, converting a FileMaker Pro application to 4D or converting an application from a database which has limited or no web interface support.

For more information about Mehdiward’s 4D development services please contact us.

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