4D Development

4D Development – Getting Started


4D provides a comprehensive Rapid Development environment and this course gives an introduction to the environment and provides a foundation for the intermediate and advanced programming courses.
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4D Development – Programming


4D provides a comprehensive that is both powerful and flexible. This course gives an introduction to the 4D programming environment and the comprehensive 4D Language.
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Multi User

4D Server is a Client/Server Development envoironment that is both powerful and scalable. This course gives delegates an in-depth understanding of the issues facing developers of muli-user systems written in 4D.
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This course builds on the Programming Introduction course (4D-Dev2) and introduces a number of advanced programming concepts, giving in-depth coverage of the extensive 4D programming language.
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Web Integration

4D provides a rich set of web integration alternatives. This course evaluates the options for 4D database integration with the web. It examines the 4D technologies that support high performance web based systems.
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