ASSIST™ - Accounting System Selection, Implementation, Support and Training

Finance departments face a lot of demands – cost reports, VAT returns and annual reports, as well as ensuring that operations run smoothly. In order to perform effectively, both the executive and financial staff need timely, accurate and concise data. While the right accounting system can deliver this data with minimal effort, the wrong accounting system can make retrieving this data nearly impossible.

ASSIST™ is our proven methodology for helping an organisation make the right choice when it comes to choosing a new accounting system. ASSIST™ stands for Accounting System Selection, Implementation, Support and Training, and the methodology combines our in-depth knowledge of available accounting systems with our detailed understanding of business needs. This allows us to advise you on what system best fits your organisation. ASSIST™ is a four step approach to ensure that organisations choose and successfully implement the right accounting system.

Accounting system needs assessment

We begin the process by performing an extensive analysis of your finance function. We measure transaction volume, define internal and external reporting requirements and review financial accounting functions. We also evaluate the structure of your current chart of accounts

Selecting a finance system

Based on the results of the needs assessment, combined with our experience, we develop a short list of accounting systems and modules that best suits your organisation’s needs. We review this list with your finance staff, discussing the pros and cons of each package. If requested, we also coordinate demonstrations from selected vendors to enable you to select the system that is most suitable.

Implementation and customisation of accounting systems

This process begins by reviewing the chart of accounts, working with internal finance staff and the software vendor as appropriate. We then ensure that the data conversion is ready for mapping the old chart of accounts to the new chart of accounts. Working with the chosen supplier, we organise technical assistance and training on installing the new accounting system, and then facilitate the transfer of all information from the old system to the new system. We help to identify a list of standard reports which will contain reports that should run on a regular basis. We also assist your staff in understanding the report generator so that they can easily generate ad hoc reports.

Support and training

One of the largest concerns with any computerized system is ensuring that the regular users know how to maximize the capabilities of the system. We identify the most appropriate package of support for the selected system, combining on-site, hands-on training with help-desk telephone support direct from the vendor.

In addition, we can assist your organisation with evaluating and developing an interface between external systems (e.g. order processing, e-commerce, payroll, etc) and your accounting package.

Finding the accounting system that meets your reporting needs and financial management requirements is critical for success in the current environment. ASSIST™ will help you to weigh your options and to select and implement the right system.

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