Custom Software Application Development for Magazine and Online Publishers

Mehdiward has an extensive software library of routines tried and tested in many magazine and online publishers.

These code libraries enable us to produce highly functional and reliable custom applications more quickly and at lower costs.

Client-server application development

We deliver high quality turnkey solutions which integrate with other business applications and can be extended throughout their working life. Our custom software solutions meet user requirements on time and within budget.

Server platforms that we use extensively are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, 4D Server SQL and MySQL. For client developments we use Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, Microsoft .NET, 4D SQL, RealBasic and C++.

Web & intranet application development

mehdiward has been developing web applications since the mid 1990s. Our team of web designers, programmers and content management specialists is able to build high quality CSS based web and intranet applications.

Our key tools are PHP/MySQL, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, and Adobe Flex.

Rich Internet Application development (RIA)

Mehdiward builds web and intranet applications with the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. Using technologies like Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight and PHP/MySQL with AJAX we design and create highly functional and interactive browser based applications which deliver higher levels of functionality and usability than traditional web applications.

Content management systems (CMS)

Mehdiward‘s Web CMS solutions provide a wide range of features including Web content and document authoring, Web site analytics, landing page management, memberships, subscriptions, personalisation, geomapping, Web alerts, social networking, wikis, blogging, polls and forums. We also provide CMS solutions for mobile devices and smart phones.

We are experienced at publishing content to Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, XML and Web and mobile Internet platforms.

Mobile application development

Mehdiward can deliver mobile web applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and over 5,000 WAP based devices.

Whether your users are repeat visitors regularly checking the same content, visitors in airports or cafes with time on their hands or impatient visitors needing to find something in extra-quick time, we can deliver the optimum design. Our information architects specialise in designing navigation models for devices with limited screen sizes and interfaces for devices with limited data input capabilities.

For more information about Mehdiward’s custom development solutions for publishers please contact us.

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