If you need ongoing advice on information technology but you aren’t yet ready to take on a full-time IT director, we have a solution that will meet your needs. We can provide a senior consultant to act on your behalf in the role of Flexible IT Director™.

Acting for your company on a flexible, part-time basis, our consultant fulfils the IT Director role as if he was a full-time member of your organisation. Your Flexible IT Director™ acts for you in an unbiased and independent way, bringing experience, industry knowledge and state of the art technical expertise.

If you can relate to any of the statements below then you should be interested in learning more.

  • You would like to have access to the skills provided by a full-time IT Director but they are too expensive and you are not big enough to justify the cost.
  • You have a good network administrator, but you would like someone to help you make business decisions at a strategic level.
  • You have an important IT project looming, but don’t know where to start in selecting a suitable supplier and inviting tenders.
  • You want to revitalise your web site and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet.
  • You would like to fully understand the longer term impact of your IT system and software development decisions.
  • You would welcome a sounding board to discuss the impact of short-term decisions and longer term strategies.
  • You are concerned about compliance issues, such as software licensing and the Data Protection Act.

You may choose to use the Flexible IT Director™ service on a project basis, handling individual assignments or on a retained basis where we integrate fully into your business.
Our Flexible IT Director™ service can be used to bridge a short-term gap, to cover a temporary shortfall in your resources or to provide high-level strategic assistance on an ongoing basis.


  • You are able to obtain an expert independent viewpoint.
  • You will have access to skills normally only available to larger companies.
  • You will have one trusted individual building a close relationship with you, but backed up by the knowledge and expertise of other mehdiward consultants.
  • You will have access to technical expertise that will allow you to understand the alternatives and risks of any IT Strategy.
  • You will pay for these skills on an as-needed basis, by assignment or with a fixed monthly charge.

Your Flexible IT Director™ can help to implement cost savings, advise on technology strategy, reduce technology risk, and allow other management to concentrate on developing the business.

Working alongside your senior management team your Flexible IT Director™ will ensure that the right solution is put forward to meet your business objectives, based on real experience and adapted to the way you run your business. The combination of high-level vision and attention to detail enables you to improve the competitiveness of your business.

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