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iPhone SDK development

Mehdiward has been developing applications for the iPhone since the launch of the initial iPhone model in the US.

Our Web development heritage, usability expertise and our AJAX and CSS skills meant we were able to deliver high quality iPhone applications early in the life of the iPhone including KPiMax an executive dashboard for the iPhone.

Since the availability of the iPhone SDK our C programmers have added Apple’s Objective C to their skill sets. Using the iPhone SDK we develop native iPhone applications which can be loaded via the iTunes App store and be launched directly from the iPhone desktop.

iPhone API design

The smaller screen of the iPhone and the touch interface mean that a successful iPhone application requires more than good software development. mehdiward‘s user interface specialists design compelling and efficient touch interfaces which are designed with the needs of typical users and an agreed series of key user scenarios.

Why choose mehdiward?

Mehdiward have been registered Apple developers since the late 1980’s. We have been building applications which manage content and output for over 20 years.

We started developing iPhone applications in summer 2007 just before the iPhone launched in the UK. We implemented an application for a client to access their key business indicators from their corporate information systems in 2007 and subsequently launched KPiMax a commercial application for the iPhone in November 2007 implemented with Safari, AJAX and CSS.

Since the release of the iPhone SDK early in 2008 we have developed and implemented native iPhone applications which load directly from the iPhone App Store and launch directly from the iPhone desktop.

Our in-house Objective C skills along with our usability, SEO, CSS and Web design skills make us an ideal choice for your iPhone application projects.

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