Software Integration Services for Magazine and New Media Publishers

Most Mehdiward projects include integration work. This helps improve efficiency and avoid data duplication.

Our extensive experience and the skills of our team mean that we are confident that we can tackle any integration project successfully.

Application integration

We have worked extensively with publishing solutions like QPS, Quark Xpress, Adobe, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and FotoWare. Our experience also extends to most of the leading accounting and financial solutions.

Database integration

Databases lie at the hub of every serious business application. Mehdiward are Oracle and Microsoft partners and experienced integrators for both Oracle and MS SQL Server databases. We have worked with many other SQL and ODBC compatible databases. We also develop and integrate regularly with popular open-source databases like MySQL and ProgreSQL.

Database publishing

We have worked on database publishing projects for two decades which has given us significant insights into magazine production. We have extensive experience of Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and XML.

FotoWare customisation and integration

We provide customisation, configuration, integration and training for FotoWare the industry-leading digital asset management solution.

Postcode integration (Royal Mail PAF file)

Mehdiward can implement postcode lookups in your favourite CRM, accounts application or your web site. You can speed up data entry, eliminate errors and reduce keystrokes by up to 80%. Give your staff and customers a better user experience and improve the quality of your address data. More information.

Mapping integration (Google, MultiMap, Ordnance Survey)

Mehdiward has extensive experience of implementing geocoding within applications using Google Maps, MultiMap and the Ordnance Survey digital dataset. Our skills range from complex GIS systems with postcode and location mapping through to web mashups using the Google Maps API.


Mehdiward has worked extensively with custom applications for working with and transforming XML. We process XML using DOM or SAX APIs or XSL transformation (XSLT) engines and filters. Our development engineers can transform XML into a wide range of output formats using client-side or server-side XSLT and XSL stylesheets.

Web services

Mehdiward use Web services extensively to enable different applications to communicate and exchange data. Web services are a secure and reliable data interchange mechanism and are supported by many common business applications. We add Web services to many of our custom software applications to facilitate seamless data interchange.

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