Web, mobile and Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development for Magazine and Online Publishers

Mehdiward has been building web applications since the mid 1990’s. Ease of deployment and the ability to integrate disparate systems into a unified interface on multiple operating systems makes web applications a practical and cost-effective solution for many business applications.

Web site content management, design & development

We offer solutions to reduce the management burden, time and costs of managing web sites. We can help you reach out to wider audiences, maximise the reach of your digital brand and build successful online communities.

Mehdiward‘s expertise in content management for print, Web, mobile and digital assets (DAM) means we can help publishers save money in the costs of producing and distibuting content, create new reader communities and extend their reach to generate more income opportunities.

Portals and collaboration applications

Mehdiward‘s business portals can connect your people to business critical information, expertise, and applications. Portals allow you to make your key business documents and resources available to the people who need them quickly and efficiently.

A well constructed portal will empower your people, improve your efficiency levels and save you money.

Forums, communities & social media platforms

A well designed and implemented community lets your audience interact with you and creates opportunities to evolve and improve your brand.

Mehdiward can help you create an environment where online users feel at home. We can help you create new advertising revenue opportunities, enhance your search engine rankings and monetise your online brands.

Mobile & iPhone compatible web site development

Mobiles have already surpassed TV and PCs in the UK for market penetration and consumer reach. The release of phones with Internet connectivity, larger screens and full browser capability represents a major opportunity for publishers to develop new revenue streams and capture new customers for their brands.

Our mobile team specialises in designing navigation models and managing content for mobile Web sites. Our solutions can publish to a wide range of smart phones and mobiles including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and more than 5,000 WAP based mobile devices.

Mehdiward can help you implement the most appropriate and cost effective mobile solutions for your business.

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