Mehdiward and 4D

Why you should choose mehdiward for your 4D projects

Mehdiward has been working with 4D for over 20 years. We employ the largest team of 4D developers & specialists in the UK and the most highly trained.

Unrivalled experience

We have been implementing successful 4D solutions for many clients in the UK, Europe and the US since 1987. Originally Macintosh developers, we have been developing Windows applications for over 15 years and web applications for over 10 years.

We have developed 4D applications with every version of 4D ever released in the UK and our team has more man years of 4D experience than any other UK developer.

High quality software developers and engineers

Developing software is a complex and multifaceted process calling for a blend of disciplines ranging from business process analysis to detailed technical execution. It needs good communication, creativity and high quality technical capabilities to deliver world class software solutions.

Our skilled and focused software engineers and managers add value in many ways. They are professional, flexible, creative and energetic contributors to our success and help us deliver successfully on all our projects.

Effective software development methodology

Mehdiward uses an evolutionary prototyping methodology called STEPS™ which:

  • Allows constant adjustments to be made to designs as development progresses
  • Encourages user participation and ownership
  • Results in applications that closely match user needs
  • Ensures we keep sight of our clients’ business goals
  • Allows applications to be developed quickly

STEPS™ enables us to deliver solutions which meet user requirements on time and within budget.

No source code tricks

Mehdiward delivers full source code for all our 4D development projects. If we provide any of our pre-existing code libraries as part of a development project we provide source code and a license to use and amend our code.

We will do all we can to keep you as a customer by offering a first class service and top class support but what we won’t do is retain source code ownership and lock you in unfairly and limit your future options.


Once development is completed and a solution is delivered and integrated, our support team ensures that everything continues to run smoothly.

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